Reduce Excessive Armpit FatsReduce Excessive Armpit Fats

Whenever we gain weight, we gain fats too, and armpit is not an exemption to that. If you are a person who wants to wear sleeveless or any armpit-revealing clothes, your armpit fats might’ve been one of your greatest insecurities because I admit, it was one of my insecurities too for the past months.

Fortunately, I was able to get through that phase. Some of you might ask how did I do that, so I have two options to offer: It’s either you get rid of what you’re insecure about or you learn to accept the fact that it’s how your body works. Either way, armpit fats will never make you less of a person.

Armpit fats are excessive fats underarms. It is possible to occur due to genetics, weight, hormones, axillary breast tissue, lymphedema, and posture. If you’re planning to reduce armpit fat, you might want to consider losing weight, building muscle mass, wearing properly fitting undergarments, and/or surgical removal. Regardless of what way you’d choose in the end, it’s your body to decide.

What are the Causes of Armpit Fat?

1. Weight

Weight is one of the most common causes of armpit fats. Of course, if you are gaining weight, you’re gaining fats too on your body. We can’t exempt armpits from gaining fats because it’s part of you. This might’ve disheartened you, but don’t be. Fats are normal. That’s how body works when you’re eating. You can always get rid of it by exercising and limiting yourself into eating unhealthy food. Yet, of course, not everyone’s lucky enough to have fast metabolism.

Here are the most suggested exercises that you can try to lose weight:

  1. Push-up – This exercise focuses on your upperarms, shoulders, and chest.

  2. Cat-cow – This is a yoga position that lenghtens your body and targets your back and chest.

  3. Downward-facing dog – This exercise focuses on your arms, back, buttocks, hips, and legs.

  4. Triceps press – This is a muscle in the upperarm. Prepare a hand weight when engaging yourself to this kind of exercise.

  5. Triceps extension – This is quite similar to triceps press. The only difference is that you do this on the floors.

  6. Chest Press – This exercise focuses on the arms, chest, and shoulders.

  7. Bicep Curl – This exercise can be executed whether seated or standing with free weights on hands.

  8. Bench Dip – This exercise can be done everywhere as long as there is bench or chairs.

  9. Triceps pressdown – This workout needs a resistance band.

  10. Seated Row – This workout focuses on the back and arms.

Note: Be reminded that spot reduction or losing fat in one specific area is proven to be ineffective, that’s why it’s best to do overall workout.

2. Hormones

If you’re a woman, you’re most likely to experience this puberty phase. The enlargement of breasts for women is normal. It’s one of the changes that you might notice once you reach your puberty stage. Due to this, gaining fats underarms are common too. Have you noticed it? whenever we gain weight, the excessive fat would deposit to either our breasts or armpits. (not to mention our cheeks, thighs, legs, and of course, belly!)

3. Axillary Breast Tissue

Axillary Breast Tissue or accessory breast is a rare circumstance. This condition develops outside the normal breast area. It is an excess breast that can be found on your armpits. If you have this condition, this might be the underlying cause why you have armpit fats. In order to get rid of an accessory breast, you have to undergo surgery.

4. Lymphedema

From the word itself, Lymphedema is a swollen lumph nodes that is commonly caused by an infection. This condition would increase the chance of you getting an obvious armpit fats due to the enlargement of the swollen lumph nodes.

5. Posture

If you’re into taking a picture of yourself, be reminded that posture is important! This may not be an underlying cause of an armpit fat, but this will blatantly emphasize the fats on your underarms. Do your posture right!

6. Genetics

Look at your parents or any relative around you. Do you have any resemblance with them? Observe their body (without discrimination) and look at yours next. Again, do you have any resemblance with them? Are you both thin? or thick? It is due to genetics!

If you’re getting armpit fats most of the time, try observing your family. Do they have armpit fats too? If the answer to this question is yes, then that clearly shows it runs in your blood. Yet, of course, that does not mean you can’t get rid of those. Actually, There are really a lot of ways on how you can get rid of armpit fats. How? well, it’s for you to find out… joke! I compiled the different ways of armpit fat removal below. Read to learn!

What can you do to reduce armpit fat?

1. Lose weight

Reducing weight is one of the most common way to reduce armpit fats. If you’re finding a perfect exercise routine to get rid of your armpit fats, it’s advisable to do an overall workout. Spot reduction or reducing fat only in one area is said to be ineffective. If you’re interested to lose weight, then incorporate both cardiovascular and strength training exercises to effectively reduce your fats underarms.

2. Build muscle mass

If you’re interested to tone your body and reduce armpit fats, then consider building muscle mass. It tones and stretches your upperarms to tighten your underarms. Building muscle mass burn calories, and that will help you with weight loss too.

If your sport is weightlifting or you know someone who are into weightlifting, you’re burning more calories than usual that will enable you to build muscles and avoid armpit fats.

3. Choose your undergarment wisely

Undergarment is the key! If you’re a person who likes wearing fitted undergarments, which I have no problem of (let’s empower one another!), and you’re having a problem with your armpit fats. It’s best to wear not too fitted undergarments, unless it pushes your skin and fat upwards, to reduce the appearance of your armpit fats. Choosing the right undergarment should be done wisely!

4. Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes a marshmallow-like fats not only on the underarms, but to its every targeted areas of the body. This is the usual procedure when a person has an accessory breast. Yet, of course, it’s best to consult your physician first to make sure liposuction is safe for you.

Always be reminded that we can’t spot reduce an area of our body. It’s proven ineffective! So, if you want to reduce armpit fats, you have to do an overall workout too. Other than that, make sure you always eat in moderation, as well. Always keep your meals balanced!

Final thoughts

Wearing a sleeveless shirt might’ve been a real dilemma to you before because of your armpit fats, and it’s understandable! Yet, of course, armpit fats are normal. We eat and we gain weight, we gain fats afterwards. You can opt to reduce your armpit fats or just let it as is. It’s up to what you prefer the most, to what you’re more comfortable of, and to what you think you’d be more confident of. It’s your right to feel good about yourself!

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