clothes armpit odorclothes armpit odor

Did you know that your clothes boosts the smell of your armpit odor? Do you like buying clothes from a thrift store? How about hanging your soaked clothes at home because it was raining outside and you have no other choice? None of us would want to embarrass ourselves for smelling bad at school or work, especially if we know that we could’ve done something to avoid the situation. Are you curious on what causes our clothes to stink and on how we can avoid them? Read to find out!

We can apply baking soda, vinegar, heavy-duty detergent, and enzyme-based odor remover on clothes to mask or remove unwanted body odor. Drying our clothes under the sun instead of using a dryer, washing our clothes regularly, and deodorizing thrift stores clothes will prevent body odor from occurring on clothes. There are various causes, as well, to why awful body odor from clothes exists. We only have to know what product to use, how to do the laundry right, and what approach we should consider on our clothes to save ourselves from unwanted body odor. How do we do that?

First of all, know what causes your clothes to stink that enhances the odor of your armpit!

Seven (7) Causes of Smelly Clothes That Enhances Your Armpit Odor

Determine first the causes why your clothes smell the way it smells. There would be times that even if we try to be clean as much as possible, our clothes still stink. Even if we put deodorant on every day to mask the smell or put an antiperspirant at night to stop sweating the next day, it’s still possible for our clothes to still stink! But why?!

It’s because there are various reasons why our clothes smell awful, and here are some of the causes that you should avoid: 

1. Avoid Leaving Your Clothes Inside the Washing Machine

Do not leave your clothes inside the washing machine overnight because this is one of the causes why your clothes develop a bad odor. If you have no time to dry your clothes right away, then be sure to open the door of your washing machine to free the moisture inside. If I were to compare this situation to humans, this only means that we should LET OUR CLOTHES BREATHE! 

What will happen if we suffocate on our own? We might’ve died on the spot! On clothes case, they will stink! I’m sure we do not want that. After all, who wouldn’t dislike the idea of roaming around with smelly clothes on while with your friends? Dislike is an understatement. I will surely hate the idea!

2. Stop Wearing Your Unwashed Clothes!

Be reminded that we are not just taking a bath, spraying a vanilla perfume on and applying deodorant, only to repeat our unwashed clothes in the end, and expect the clothes to smell nice despite wearing that just yesterday unwashed. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how body odor works. You’re not exempted from unwanted armpit and body odor just because you took a bath or sprayed a bottle of Victoria’s secret perfume on you. Please, wash your clothes after using them. That’s the solution! Undergarments are not an exemption.

3. Stop Wearing Clothes from Thrift Store Unwashed

I enjoy buying clothes from thrift stores, as well, because they are budget-friendly. Yet, we have to keep in mind that we do not know where these clothes exactly came from. Wash the clothes first before you wear them to ensure your safety. It’s okay to buy clothes from thrift stores. That’s practicality. What’s not okay is to wear them unwashed. 

4. Sweat Odor After a Work Out!

Did you run today? went to the gym? or stayed at home to work out? Change clothes after whatever physical activities that you did today that caused you to sweat. Sweat odor causes your clothes to stink in the end, so make sure to change before going to school, work, or wherever place you do not want anyone to smell your armpit sweaty odor.

5. Gasoline Odor is Dangerous on your Clothes!

If you’re working with fuels, this might’ve affected you a lot of times already. Some people find gasoline fragrant, but there would be people, as well, who’ll find this breathtaking because aside from the fact that this triggers people with asthma, gasoline is flammable, as well, that could burn you and leave you breathless in an instant. That literal, but I’m not kidding.

6. Unhealthy Lifestyle Can Lead to Unwanted Armpit Odor on Clothes 

Start living a healthy life. Always watch your food intake and make sure to eat healthy food. Hydrate yourself more with water. Living an unhealthy lifestyle might only cause you later in life, so make sure to take good care of yourself to avoid that. Be reminded that one of the drawbacks of an unhealthy lifestyle is unwanted armpit odor, and we do not want that.

7. Cooking Odor Smells Delicious on your Clothes!

If you’re the cook in the house or working in a restaurant, the cooking odor has been a problem to you ever since. Despite how mouth-watering the food was, I will still find its smell gross on my clothes. There’s no way that I would want to smell like my favorite food! 

Seven (7) Effective Ways to Remove Body Odor from Clothes

Now that we already know the possible causes of why our clothes smell, let’s learn different ways to deal with it, as well.

  1. Baking soda is effective when it comes to removing stains and body odor on clothes. Mix it with water to make a paste and apply it directly to the clothes.

  2. Vinegar kills bacteria, so if you wished to kill the unwanted body odor on your clothes, feel free to resort to this remedy. 

  3. Repetition of clothes without washing them will thicken the unseen bacteria on clothes that will eventually mix with your sweat and produce unwanted body odor. So, always make sure to wash what you wore before wearing them again.

  4. If you’re residing in a tropical country, you’re lucky because drying your washed laundry outside is more advisable than using a dryer. Drying your clothes under the scorching sun and in an open space will help avoid unwanted odor on clothes. Other than that, it’s safe to bleach out stains on clothes, unlike using a dryer.

  5. Use an enzyme-based odor remover to remove stains and the unwanted smell on clothes.

  6. Use heavy-duty detergents when doing your laundry because they are more effective than the light-duty detergents that we usually buy from a convenience store.

  7. Clean and deodorize thrift store clothes first before wearing them. Always follow wash instruction labels, as well.

Final Thoughts 

Be sensitive enough to know that telling someone they smell horrible might sound disrespectful, and it’s not okay. More importantly, if that person does not have the same privilege as yours to buy deodorant or antiperspirant, wash their clothes regularly, or change clothes after hours under the scorching sun, then please, BE CONSIDERATE. 

It’s okay to make the person know that their armpit or clothes stink as a concerned citizen. Yet, learn how to address that situation appropriately to avoid embarrassing the person furthermore because that’s what makes it not okay. Tell them what they should avoid. If possible, do not just alarm them. Educate them, as well. You can make them read this blog to educate them about the dos and don’ts. Let’s practice alarming people of their armpit odor in hopes of educating and not ridiculing them. Let your clothes breathe!

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