armpit tattoo factsarmpit tattoo facts

There are still existing people today who perceive tattooing a sign of delinquency. Yet, our progressive generation managed to get through that perception and see tattoo the way it should be, a form of art. It’s also therapeutic for other people. Tattooing could be an alternative coping mechanism, an untold story, or an unwanted scar clad in aesthetically pleasing art. We see people covered with tattoo all over their body on a daily basis, but have you heard of armpit tattooing already?

Tattoo could be a form of art, culture, trends, empowerment, movement, preferences, untold story, or anything you want your tattoo to be. Armpit tattooing has been a popular trend, a proof of social conformity. It is one of the most painful part to get inked because of the axillary nerve and lymph nodes found underarms. Consider some stuff first before getting a tattoo done. Aftercare is always a must!

What is a tattoo?

Tattoo is a body decoration, a form of art, a coping mechanism, a culture, and whatever you’d like it to be. Tattooing is a popular practice around the world. It’s one of the most controversial art, for there are still people who find tattooing oddly nonsensical, a waste of money, and a permanent dirt on skin. Regardless, tattooing rose above all the criticisms as it continued to intrigue the younger generation with progressive and improved designs.

Why do we get a tattoo?

Here are some of the reasons why one get a tattoo done:

1. Art

2. Culture

3. Trends

4. Empowerment

5. Untold Story

6. Scars

7. Movement

8. Preferences

What is armpit tattoo?

Armpit tattooing has been a trend for the past years, especially on social media platforms. It has also been a source of empowerment especially for people with armpit insecurities. However, there are a lot of things to consider and look up to before and after getting an armpit tattoo.

Does getting an armpit tattoo painful?

It is.

Armpit tattooing is a painful process. Tattooing is painful, in general. It involves repeatedly piercing the top layer of skin using a needle covered with pigment. Not to mention that different body parts have different pain tolerance. According to those people in tattoo industry, if you like to get a tattoo for the first time, you might want to look for the possible least painful places first to get one. How would you know?

The least painful body parts to get inked are those with the most fat, fewer nerve-endings, tightest and thickest skin, and those far from bony area, and that include:

1. Upper Outer Thigh

2. Outer shoulders

3. Outer bicep

4. Forearm

5. Upper and Lower Back

However, the most painful body parts to get inked are those with the least fat, most nerve endings, thinnest skin, and bony areas, and that include:

1. Armpit

2. Rib Cage

3. Ankles

4. Breast area

5. Elbows and kneecaps

6. Groin area

7. Hips

8. Neck

9. Head, face, ears

10. Hands, fingers, feet, and toes

11. Inner bicep

Among all those body parts above, armpit and knees are said to be the most painful part of the body to get a tattoo done, but if you like pain, then this might be the perfect area for you to get inked now!

Why armpit tattooing is painful?

You’re probably curious now why armpit tattooing is one of the most painful area to get your tattoo done, if not the most painful. The pain that you might experience underarms during and after the process would be severe, according to those who have already tried getting one. In fact, most tattoo artists are against the idea of getting a tattoo underarms, but why?

Here are the possible reasons why armpit tattooing is a painful process:

1. Axillary nerve

If you’re considering of getting inked for the first time, you’re advised to avoid areas with most nerve endings to allay pain, and that include axillary nerve. Axillary nerve is connected to many nerve endings underarms, and that makes it sensitive against tattooing. If you’ve experienced razor burn already, then you probably have an idea of how painful tattooing could be.

2. Ticklish

Armpit tattooing might be a painful process, but it could get ticklish during the tattoo process. And you have to resist the urge to flinch while getting your tattoo done which is difficult to do, especially if you find it both ticklish and painful at the same time.

3. Lymph nodes

Lymph nodes remove toxins from the body through perspiration. Ink used for tattooing is foreign in the body. Your lymph nodes might react negatively against it that might lead to armpit-related conditions, like growing painful lumps around it, inflammation, itching, and other armpit conditions due to infection or allergy reaction.

What are the common types of pain that you should expect during and after getting an armpit tattoo?

1. Burning pain

This might not be an intense pain, but this could be really irritating. It’s like getting another razor burn from shaving.

2. Dull or background pain

Sometimes all we need is a distraction. This is one of the best way to divert your attention while getting inked underarms. Watch television, talk with your tattoo artist, or listen to music. You might still feel the pain, but it’s tolerable.

3. Scratching pain

This is one of the most common pain to experience during the tattoo process. Have you ever experienced getting a scratch from you cat? The pain is similar to that.

4. Stinging pain

If you do not want to experience this, then choose an experienced tattoo artist. It feels like a tiny bee stings that produce tattoo deformity or most commonly known as tattoo blowout, a blurred tattoo.

5. Vibrating pain

You’ll experience this when tattooing a bony part in the body, like knees. This is said to be the most painful of all.

Why do people get an armpit tattoo?

1. Conformity

Social media is a persuasive platform. One would be willing enough to get inked underarms in exchange of popularity, but of course, that’s not always the case why people follow trends. Most of the time, we only appreciate things enough if it’s on the trends. If one is courageous enough to do it first, others will follow. Conformity is a huge factor to why armpit tattoo is relevant today. Other than that, a lot of people find joy in discovering and doing new things.

2. Art

This is the most common reason why people get inked nowadays. Tattoo is a form of art. They find tattooing an opportunity to appreciate all sort of art. They are human canvas.

3. Scars

Scars may be due to a traumatic childhood experience, aftermath of self-harming, and other physical abuse-related instances that urged them to cover it with a tattoo instead. Armpit insecurities, like darkened underarms, is one of the considered scars that urged people to try armpit tattooing even if it’s pain is on par with head and knees tattooing.

4. Coping Mechanisms

A lot of people find tattooing comforting. It could be an alternative for self-harming and a complete diversion against insecurities in the body. Armpit tattooing could be a coping mechanism for people who are eager to try something new to divert their attention somewhere else.

5. Movement

Armpit tattooing could be a movement against toxic social norms and standards, an act of feminism to break stereotypes, and a protest against all sort of oppression. In short, armpit tattooing is done to give emphasis, that ‘no one but myself have the rights of my own body.’

Before getting a tattoo done, consider:

1. Consulting to a doctor first to make sure you have no allergy against tattoo.

2. Risk of infection. You have to be a hundred percent sure you’d avoid tattoo artist that offers infectious heavy metal-based inks.

3. Moles in your armpits. Moles should never be inked over, for this could detect changes for skin cancer.

4. Armpit medical condition, like hyperhidrosis.

5. Using a numbing product to reduce pain during the tattoo process.


If you’ve done an armpit tattoo today, it’s important to follow the tattoo aftercare below:

1. Do not use deodorant, natural or aluminum-based, for two weeks after getting inked.

2. Do not use antiperspirant to reduce excessive sweating for two weeks after getting inked.

3. Do not wear tight clothing after getting inked.

4. Wash your tattoo.

5. Drink over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce pain.

Final thoughts

Art is indeed a painful process, in general. Getting a tattoo underarms might be one of the weirdest, but one of the most empowered movement that you could find online. If you are interested to get inked in your armpits today, make sure you take all the considerations first. Be reminded that even some tattoo artists are against the idea of getting an armpit tattoo due to all the risks presented. Either way, it’s always up to you. Just do not forget the aftercare!

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