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 Do you want to go natural? Are you one of those people who would like to switch from store-bought aluminum-based products to natural ones because of the ongoing hearsay about the harm these aluminum-based products could bring? DIY Detox Clay Mask might help you with your transition! (or maybe not).

Armpit Detoxification pulls the toxin out of the skin. Deodorants and antiperspirants contain chemicals like aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, and phthalates that might harm our health. The benefits of armpit detoxification in terms of increasing the effectiveness of natural deodorant, eliminating the buildups caused by antiperspirant, detoxifying the armpit skin, reducing skin irritation caused by deodorant, and eliminating the unwanted body odor caught the interest of many people. French green clay, French pink clay, and Bentonite clay are the popular ones used for DIY armpit clay masks to detoxify the armpit skin. On the other hand, some trusted research debunks the claim against deodorant and antiperspirant. 

Why switch from aluminum-based products to natural deodorants?

  1.  Aluminum– Many people don’t realize yet that sweating is okay, perhaps healthy for the body. Aluminum prevents your armpit from sweating by hindering its pores from producing more sweat. Sweating is a way of detoxification; it releases unwanted toxins from the body, and using aluminum-based products prevents the body from detoxifying.

  2. Parabens- Parabens imitate estrogen leading to estrogen dominance in the body which is unhealthy because estrogen dominance increases the risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

  3. Propylene Glycol- This breaks down quickly in the body that causes skin irritation. 

  4. Phthalates- There are a variety of health complications linked to Phthalates. Breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are one of those.


Benefits of armpit detoxification

Here are the five benefits of armpit detoxification you might not know yet: 

  • It increases the effectiveness of natural deodorants

If you wished to go natural. Detoxing your armpit would help the transition from aluminum-based products to natural deodorants. Armpit detox increases the effectiveness of natural deodorants by healing the clogged pores and buildups. 

  • It eliminates the buildups created by deodorant

We have to be mindful that in using aluminum-based products, there are substantial effects that might or might not damage our armpits, and detoxifying it means eliminating the buildups it created. 

  • It helps detoxify the armpit 

Detoxification is essential, for it removes toxins from the body. Releasing the toxins through sweating means cleaning the inner part of our body while avoiding health complications like kidney stones.

  • It reduces irritation caused by deodorants

Due to the continuous use of aluminum-based deodorants, the bacteria underarms, which causes skin irritation, like redness and itchiness, increased. By detoxifying our armpits, we are reducing the irritation caused by our old deodorants. 

  • It reduces body odor caused by deodorants 

If we apply deodorants on our armpits, we are only masking the body odor, but not actually eliminating it. The chemicals our deodorant contain might produce an unwanted smell, and armpit detoxification reduces that.

Clay Masks 

Clay unclogs your pores. It helps your skin to heal from all the harmful bacteria caused by deodorants. Most importantly, it detoxifies your armpit and releases all the unwanted toxins from your body. Who does not want that? If you would like to switch to natural deodorant, it is essential to detoxify your armpit first to unclog the pores. In that way, the natural deodorant will be able to work to its best extent. 

Yet, of course, before applying the clay to your underarms, you have to consider your skin type first. Would it be okay to use this clay? Would this irritate my armpits? Always know your skin type first to avoid skin irritation. 

Armpit Detox Masks

Here are the armpit detox masks that you might want to try on:

1. French Green Clay (suitable for all skin types)

French Green Clay or Illite Clay is for all skin types, but you might want to re-consider if you have sensitive armpit skin. If you have oily skin, french green clay is perfect for you, for it absorbs oils, impurities, and toxic substances from your skin. 

2. French Pink Clay (suitable for sensitive skin)

French Pink Clay, the combination of red and white clay, is the mildest clay. If you have sensitive armpit skin, consider using french pink clay instead of other clays. This will protect your skin from irritation. 

3. Bentonite Clay (suitable for all skin types) 

Bentonite clay is suitable for all armpit skin types. There is two known bentonite clay, and they are calcium bentonite and sodium bentonite. A lot of people prefer to use sodium benefit, for it’s easier to find. Excessive use of any clay might lead to complications, so make sure to limit yourself. Even natural ingredients might put you in danger.

Guide: DIY Detox Clay Mask 

Preparation Time: Ten (10) minutes


Two (2) Tablespoons of Green French Clay 

Two (2) Tablespoons of Pink French Clay 

Two (2) Tablespoons of Bentonite Clay 

*Note: The clay depends on your armpit skin type, so make sure to know first what’s suitable for your armpit skin to avoid complications in the process.

Two (2)- Three (3) teaspoons of water. 

One (1) small bowl


  1. Mix the clay you prefer and the water in the small bowl. 

  2. Make sure to dry your armpit first. 

  3. Apply the mixture of water and clay on your armpits.

  4. Wait for it dry for at least ten (10) minutes or more.

  5. Wipe the mask off using a washcloth or simply wash it with water. 

What are the side effects that you might encounter during the transition? 

Here are the symptoms that you might notice: 

  1. Sweating- Sweating is normal. Excessive sweating is not. This is one of the reasons why antiperspirant is hard to let go of. Be reminded that sweating is a sign of detoxification. If you sweat, that only means it’s effective. You are eliminating the toxins from your skin. 

  2. Skin irritation- Rashes, small bumps, and redness are one of the side effects you might experience. If you didn’t consider your armpit skin type enough, this is most likely to happen. If you did consider your armpit skin type, but this still happens, then don’t worry. It’s normal. 

  3. Body odor- Sweating if mixed with bacteria might cause you unwanted body odor. It’s normal because you’re just starting your transition but along the way, your armpit would go back to its natural state, and you no longer have to worry about not applying deodorant to mask the unwanted body odor. In addition, the imbalance of bacterias during the transition is what causes you to smell bad. 

Natural Deodorants Alternatives

Are you a fan of home remedies? You’re surely familiar with all these natural deodorants alternatives that I’m going to mention. 

1. Baking soda

Baking soda is an all-around home remedy. Who would’ve thought that baking soda can be a deodorant alternative, as well? Mix baking soda and water to make a paste, apply it to your dried underarms. Allow it to dry. 

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural acids like apple cider vinegar will help you neutralize the bacteria. In order to use, moisten a cotton bud on an apple cider vinegar and apply it to your clean armpits. 

Counterattack: Here is the information that I figured out while doing my extensive research about armpit detoxification. 

Armpit detoxification claimed to: 

1. Increase the Effectiveness of Natural Deodorant

Fact: There’s no concrete proof that this statement is true. Although, it was proven that those people who are using deodorant or antiperspirant have fewer staphylococci. The imbalance in bacteria is one of the reasons why we produce unwanted body odor during the transition. 

2. It eliminates the buildups created by deodorant

Fact: Antiperspirant temporarily clogs sweat glands to reduce sweating. It can be washed away with soap and water. 

3. It helps detoxify the armpit

Fact:  Detoxification is the job of our livers and kidneys. Sweating is essential because it detoxifies toxins stored in the fat. There’s no research to prove that neither clay could lift the toxins from the skin nor deodorant and antiperspirants could trigger breast cancer and other serious health complications.

4. It reduces irritation caused by deodorants

Fact: If you already have a skin reaction toward a deodorant or an antiperspirant, stop using the product. Armpit detoxification will never allay the irritation, it might just worsen the reaction. Skin irritation might be because of an increase in bacteria whenever our body adjusts. 

5. It reduces body odor caused by deodorants

Facts: Apple Cider Vinegar can kill odor-causing bacteria, but deodorant is the only product that could mask the odor itself. If you wish to get rid of the smell of deodorant, a bar of soap and water would do the trick. There’s no need for armpit detoxification. 

Additional Information: 

Here are the misconceptions of deodorant’s ingredients that you were told to avoid: 

Propylene glycol is one of the ingredients that they said you should avoid when using deodorant because it breaks down quickly on the armpits that cause skin irritation, those can be true, but it’s normal. This is one of the reasons why we should always consider first our armpit skin type. 

Facts about Propylene Glycol:

  • FDA has categorized propylene glycol as “Generally Recognized as Safe” 

  • Propylene glycol is non-toxic to the body.

  • Propylene glycol is easily metabolized. 

Final Thoughts: 

A lot of us do not want to risk our health over a product that might only harm us in the end. Some people wouldn’t mind, on the other hand, as long as it does not harm them yet. Whether you choose to go all-natural or continue using deodorant and antiperspirant, it’s your choice. 

Before you believe the things you read on the internet, make sure to verify first what you’ve learned in order to avoid the spread of fake news. Our bodies detoxify through our livers, kidneys, and elimination like sweating, urination, and defecation. If you fear using deodorant and antiperspirant because of the chemical ingredients it contains, that’s understandable, but be reminded that they are not harmful as long as you know your armpit skin type.

Go all naturals or continue using your deodorant and antiperspirant, whatever you prefer to use! 

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